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CBI Project Developer promises Community Centre to People of Portsmouth, Dominica

5 September 2016 | Tags:

The people of Zicack, and Chance in Portsmouth, Dominica, will have cause to celebrate in the near future. A multipurpose community centre has been promised to these communities by Chief Executive Officer of Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd., Alick Lawrence.
Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd. is the developer behind Silver Beach Resort and Spa, a luxury resort included in Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme (CBI). It is also the parent company of Silver Beach Development – its local marketing entity. Lawrence, a native of Portsmouth, said the town is particularly dear to him and his family.
“The commitment to work in the Portsmouth community is one which is very dear to Silver Beach. Portsmouth is our hometown; we feel grounded there, and are motivated by a deep desire to give back as much as we can, and to contribute toward the development of the town,” said Lawrence.

CBI Project Developer promises Community Centre to People of Portsmouth, Dominica

View from Picard Beach, Portsmouth, Dominica.

“The location of the resort in Picard is also of immense significance to us. At the end of the 1800’s my great grandmother and her family migrated from Bolands, Antigua, to work on the Picard estate. She also lived there for a number of years, and that was where my grandmother was born. My family therefore feels a deep sense of connection to Picard. We see it as part of our heritage.”
Lawrence, a well-known, highly respected senior counsel in Dominica, was speaking at the official signing ceremony of the CBI agreement between his company and the government, on September 5. It is his intent for Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd. to partner with the government to deliver the facility.
Speaking at the signing ceremony, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, and a strong advocate for the Citizenship by Investment Programme, openly thanked developers for their continued interest in the economic and social advancement of Dominica.
“As the minister for Finance, I understand and appreciate the importance of this programme to the country and the country’s wellbeing at this time,” the Prime Minister said. “At the end of the day, it is something that benefits all of us and therefore we must all take a very keen interest in its continued success.”
The Citizenship by Investment Programme has been a major solicitor of foreign direct investment for Dominica. It is expected to bring quality room stock to the island and develop its tourism product in the long run.
Silver Beach Resort and Spa is one of six real estate projects listed under Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme. The resort is the only project listed in the programme that offers a mixture of shares and full-titled units for investment. It will be constructed on the scenic beach of Picard in Portsmouth.