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13 January 2017

Silver Beach Resort and Spa’s partnership with Marriott International will boost Dominica’s potential for attracting larger quantities of tourists to the island. With more than 100 million members,

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10 January 2017

Silver Beach Resort and Spa, an approved Citizenship by Investment resort development in Dominica, is now part of the world’s largest hotel chain – Marriott International. The five-star luxury

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8 September 2016

Silver Beach Resort and Spa, a 200-room, luxury, five-star resort to be built in Picard, Portsmouth has been officially included as a real estate project in Dominica’s Citizenship

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5 September 2016

The people of Zicack, and Chance in Portsmouth, Dominica, will have cause to celebrate in the near future. A multipurpose community centre has been promised to these communities

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