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Anichi Resort & Spa Seven-Month Construction Review

23 August 2018 | Tags:
Seven-Month Construction Review: Aerial view of construction at Anichi Resort & Spa

Aerial view of construction at Anichi Resort & Spa

It’s been seven months Since work at Anichi Resort & Spa shifted from earth works to actual construction – and look at our progress! Today five buildings are under construction, with work ongoing on the second levels of all the buildings. Additionally, foundation work has begun on three additional buildings and work on the one of the retaining walls is now over 80% completed.

Delivering a world-class resort has its challenges, but the team at Anichi Development, supported by Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd., Arkiplan International, Marriott International, Trust Hospitality, Inersys Project Development PMC Ltd., Puri Constructions, Vaseco, George Trucking and Excavating, and many more quality partners, are working hard to make the dream a reality.

See for yourself the difference seven months makes!

Buildings Nine, Eight, and Seven, January 15 and August 15


Buildings Ten and Nine, January 15 and August 15


Building Ten, January 19 and August 15


Construction of the E9 Retaining Wall, January 15 and August 15


Aerial view of Anichi Resort & Spa Construction, February 7 and August 15


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