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Citizenship by Investment: Country with Highest Life Expectancy in the Caribbean

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Dominica Life Expectancy is Highest in the Caribbean

Country with Highest Life Expectancy in the Caribbean

The longevity of the population is one of the key indicators of the socio-economic well-being of the state, reflecting the level of the quality of life in the country. Visiting Dominica, you unconsciously notice that the vast majority of the adult population looks 20 years younger than their age – and this is confirmed by the numbers.

According to the Human Development Index for 2020, Dominica ranked first in life expectancy in the Caribbean and the third in the world among countries offering citizenship by investment. Life expectancy at birth for 2020: 78.2 years.

Number of inhabitants over 100 years on July 2021: 23 persons – highest number of centenarians per capita in the world. The oldest people on the island are two people aged 107. Dominica also gave birth to the oldest person ever to live in the world. According to the surviving Baptismal certificate issued by the Roman Catholic Church, Elizabeth “Ma Pampo” Israel was born on January 27, 1875 and died in October 2003, at age 128.

In numerous interviews with Dominica’s centenarians, the secret of their long life is revealed:

  • Homemade food made with ingredients grown in their own garden on an ecologically pristine island.
  • Physical activity throughout entire life: walking, gardening, or fishing.
  • Lack of stress and tension in island life. A person is filled with strength and forgotten about any adversity by the natural sulphur baths, gentle sea, and colourful landscapes.
  • Centenarians in Dominica tend to live surrounded and cared for by numerous children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. The community and government take an interest in the well-being of their centenarian citizens by visiting them regularly.

The unspoiled nature of the island and the courteous treatment of each other are the main source of youth for the Dominica centenarians. It is not hard to understand why the island is recognised as one of the safest in the Caribbean to live and conduct business.

How to move to live in a stable region

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