Dominica Real Estate: An Autograph Collection Hotel
An Enviable Opportunity

Dominica Real Estate

An Autograph Collection Hotel Hassle-Free Property Management Prices from $220,000 - $320,000

Internationally Branded Dominica Real Estate

With Citizenship by Investment Acquisition

Anichi Resort & Spa is a proud member of the Autograph Collection – a premium brand of Marriott International. Developed by Dominicans in Dominica, this environmentally sensitive, sophisticated resort, offers individuals the opportunity to own prime Dominica real estate when acquiring citizenship from Dominica’s highly respected Citizenship by Investment Programme.

As an Autograph Collection hotel, Anichi Resort & Spa exemplifies a unique character and personality. The sensorial Dominica resort epitomises the artisanal and restorative aura of its homeland, while paying homage to Dominica’s vibrant culture and indigenous Kalinago people. Upheld to the highest of quality standards, the eco-chic resort aims to appease one’s sense of well-being, while simultaneously provoking playful discoveries and quiet introspection. Celebrate the soul of Dominica, when you purchase preferred shares or freehold suites through this government-approved real estate project, and one-of-a-kind resort.



Located on 12 acres of prime real estate along Dominica’s picturesque Picard Beach, Anichi Resort & Spa introduces 128-sophisticated rooms to the Dominica real estate market. Designed to subtly woo onlookers, Anichi Resort & Spa tastefully blends tropical foliage with impressive, world-class architecture, creating inviting spaces that converge indoor/outdoor essences. With its well-appointed guest suites complete with private dip pools and pool lounges, its swim-up bars in infinity pools, specialty restaurants, lavish ballroom and spa oasis, Anichi Resort & Spa intends to become Dominica’s most desired destination.

As an Autograph Collection Hotel, Anichi Resort & Spa isn’t just beautifully designed, it boasts key relationships with industry leaders, including Marriott International, Highgate and Arkiplan International. An all-around socially discerning asset, make Anichi Resort & Spa the Dominica real estate of choice when acquiring Dominica citizenship through the island’s Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Resort Features

  • Dominica Resort Features: Swimming Pools
  • Dominica Resort Features: World-class Restaurants
  • Dominica Resort Features: Suits
  • Dominica Resort Features: High-end shops
  • Dominica Resort Features: Various bars including swim-up bars
  • Dominica Resort Features: World-class spa oasis and fitness centre
Anichi Resort & Spa
Anichi Resort & Spa Pool
Anichi Resort & Spa

Ownership Options That Suit You

At Anichi Resort & Spa

Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd. offers individuals seeking a second citizenship, the opportunity to acquire prime Dominica real estate and lifetime citizenship from the Caribbean island, by purchasing preferred shares or freehold suites through its company.


Preferred Shares

These can be purchased for $220,000 and convey a certificate of ownership to the owner.


Freehold Suites

Two types of freehold suites are available for purchase from Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd. – Calypso Suites and Swim-up Suites. Both Suite options provide owners with a title deed. The Swim-up Suite, so named for its private pool lounge, is priced at $320,000 and the Calypso Suite is priced at $300,000.

Maximizing your Benefits

Though owners and shareholders are allowed to spend a limited time per year in the resort, all of the properties at Anichi Resort & Spa, whether fully or fractionally owned, are not available for residential living year-round. By forming part of the resort’s room inventory, each unit is placed into a rotation system and each unit participates on an equitable basis.

Benefits of Ownership

  • Right to reside in the resort for up to two weeks annually.
  • Assistance to sell the shares/suites at or above the original cost price.

Complete Citizenship Solutions

“One-Stop-Shop”. Purchasers of preferred shares or freehold suites at Anichi Resort & Spa, qualify for Complete Citizenship Solutions. Any citizenship application via the real estate options through Anichi Development, the main applicant is entitled to obtain a Driver’s License free of charge. If required, a proof of address can also be provided at a nominal fee. These additional services can only be obtained after the certification of naturalization and passport has been issued.

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Fast Facts

Official Language: English
Population: 72,293 (2011)
Capital: Roseau
Independence: 1978
Literacy Rate: 97.8%
Time Zone: (GMT -4)
Total Area: 751 km2 (290 sq mi)
Location: 15.4150° N, 61.3710° W
Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD)