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Dominica Citizenship
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Visa-Free Travel to 130+ Countries Citizenship In Three (3) Months Minimum Investment: $220,000 Favourable Tax Climate
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Consecutively ranked by Professional Wealth Management as the number one Citizenship by Investment Programme in the world, Dominica Citizenship provides the best value for money for those wishing to increase their visa-free travel, and gain greater global access. At a minimum of USD$ 200,000, families can obtain a Dominica passport and citizenship in less than four months, and gain visa free travel to over 130 countries and territories – all without the need to ever visit Dominica. Furthermore, with a favourable tax climate, Dominica citizenship is perfect for those looking to better manage their assets.

Do you want a practical second citizenship that remains with you for life and passes down through generations? Then look no further than Dominica’s efficient and affordable Citizenship by Investment Programme!

Here’s why Dominica Citizenship works for you.

Visa-Free Travel Affordability Processing Time Dual Citizenship
130+ $200,000 3 months Yes

What is the Dominica citizenship?

Dominica citizenship is the status of a person recognized under the law of Dominica as being a legal member of the Commonwealth of Dominica (do NOT confuse with the Dominica Republic) and vested with the rights, duties and privileges of being a Dominican citizen. Citizens of Dominica can count on the help and protection of the Commonwealth of Dominica either directly or any diplomatic institutions of the country abroad. As of January 24, 2019, Dominica’s diplomatic missions operate in 7 countries: USA, Canada, UK, China, Belgium, Cuba and the UAE. Additionally, Dominica has consular officers in various other countries.

With Dominica citizenship obtained, a person has the right to apply for a Dominica passport and other necessary documents: social security number, driver’s license, tax number, etc. By investing in Anichi Resort & Spa, you will receive Dominica citizenship and a full range of citizenship services that may be available to a citizen of Dominica.


Dominica Citizenship Benefits

Dominica Citizenship Benefits: Visa-free Travel to over 130 Countries and Territories

Visa-free Travel

A Dominica passport provides visa-free travel to over 130 countries and territories, including the United Kingdom, the Schengen nations, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil and Russia.
Dominica Citizenship Benefits: Favourable Tax Climate

Favourable Tax Climate

Dominica does not impose global taxes, capital gains taxes, estate duties, or property tax on citizens; and personal income tax is not charged if income is not earned in Dominica.
Dominica Citizenship Benefits: Access to the Caribbean

Access to the Caribbean

Citizens of Dominica are allowed to live and work freely in the member states of the Organisation of the Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). Citizens may also engage in duty-free trading with members of the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM).
Dominica Citizenship Benefits: Quick and Simple Process

Quick and Simple Process

Acquiring Dominica citizenship from Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme takes approximately three to four months, during which time, applicants are not required to visit Dominica or conduct any language tests.
Dominica Citizenship Benefits: Inclusive Programme

Inclusive Programme

Applications for Dominica Citizenship allows the inclusion of the entire family consisting of main applicant and their spouse, children up to 30, parents/grandparents, and siblings up to 25 years old. There is no age limit for parents/grandparents and physically or mentally challenged children. Post citizenship additions of family members also are allowed.
Dominica Citizenship Benefits: Lifetime Citizenship

Lifetime Citizenship

The grant of Dominica citizenship remains with the applicant for life, even if he/she decides to sell the real estate purchased.
Dominica Citizenship Benefits: Allows Multiple Citizenship

Allows Multiple Citizenship

Applicants, who apply to the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme, are allowed to have multiple citizenships. The Government of Dominica does not inform the applicant’s home country of his request for/or grant of Dominica citizenship.
Dominica Citizenship Benefits: Protected by Government

Protected by Government

The Government of Dominica periodically monitors the construction progress of approved real estate projects, and stores and oversees all funds transferred to real estate projects in an escrow account to avoid mismanagement of the funds by developers.
Dominica Citizenship Benefits: Best Value for Money

Best Value for Money

It is for all of the above reasons that the Dominica programme has be recognized internationally as the citizenship programme which gives the best value for money.

Dominica citizenship by investment

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme (CBI) was established in 1993 and is one of the longest, running programmes in the world.

First Choice for Citizenship Programme: Dominica

Dominica citizenship by investment unit

In Dominica, the Citizenship by Investment Programme is managed by the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) – a government authority. His Excellency Ambassador Emmanuel Nanthan has been heading the CBIU since February 2015, and at the same time has held the position of Ambassador-at-Large for the Office of the Prime Minister of Dominica. He has extensive experience in diplomacy and international affairs, serving as Ambassador to Libya, as well as the role of Special Advisor to two former Heads of the Dominica Government.

Over the years, the programme has been refined and enhanced to meet the evolving needs of the market, and to strengthen its due diligence and approval process. Some of these improvements done in isolation by the unit and with other government entities include:

Implemented the real estate option Reduced the cost of citizenship Strengthened its due diligence process Improved its efficiency and reduced its approval processing time Increased visa-free travel benefits Established offshore passport renewal services Implemented an online portal to facilitate application submission

Citizenship by Investment Programme Impact on Dominica

The Dominica citizenship by investment programme plays a significant role in the country’s economy, and for almost three decades has proved its practical value in the development of the island and the transformation of the life of its residents.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment: Job Сreation

Job creation

The Dominica Government announced that more than 1,000 jobs were created during the construction phase of the approved citizenship by investment hotels, and approximately 900 permanent jobs are expected to be created after construction will be finished.

On February 2020, foreign investment has helped 3,896 Dominicans to obtain jobs, of which two-thirds were in the field of community projects.

The citizenship programme has funded over 4,500 business owners and supported 32 projects in the island’s agricultural and fisheries sector, resulting in increased employment through targeted training programmes.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment: Climate Resilience

Climate resilience

In order to minimize potential threats due to global warming, in 2017, the Prime Minister of Dominica announced the government’s policy of modernizing the island’s infrastructure and planning to become the world’s first climate resilient nation by 2030.

The funds received from the citizenship by investment programme are invested in many capital projects: construction of resilient roads and bridges, creation of walls along river banks, modernization of infrastructure, renovation of one of Dominica’s regional airports, construction of buildings for hospitals, schools and residencies. Part of the capital goes to the development of information technology, tourism, agriculture, manufacturing and other industries that contribute to the economic well being of the island.

The Government of Dominica consistently emphasizes its commitment to the citizenship by investment programme and plans for the development of the island, which serves as an additional guarantee of its successful work in the future.

Dominica citizenship by investment programme

Initially, the programme was called the “Dominica Economic Citizenship Programme” and offered only one investment option – a non-refundable contribution to the economy of Dominica. Observing a growing demand by investors for a real estate option, in January 2014, the Dominica Government revised the conditions for obtaining citizenship, adding the option of investing in real estate and changing its official name to “Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme”.

Investment options

Currently, you can obtain Dominica citizenship through two options:

Dominica Citizenship Option: Economic Diversification Fund

Economic Diversification Fund

An applicant for citizenship transfers capital to the fund used by the Government of Dominica for the development of the country's economy. After approval of the application and obtaining the Dominica citizenship, the investor loses the right to a refund. The option through a donation to the economic diversification fund does not grant any dividends.

Dominica Citizenship Option: Real Estate

Real Estate Option

An applicant for citizenship can invest in an approved real estate project such as Anichi Resort & Spa, a member of Marriott International’s premium brand – the Autograph Collection. Annual returns are paid during the construction stage. After 5 years, real estate can be resold, thereby returning the originally invested capital and significantly reducing the overall cost of obtaining citizenship.

Dominica citizenship by investment cost

Dominica citizenship by investment cost

The table below shows the cost for citizenship via the real estate option. It does not include the costs of agent services and real estate returns paid during the construction stage.

Real Estate Investment Option Fees

Amount of investment in Anichi Resort & Spa $ 220,000
Taxes and legal fees $ 9,250
Government Fees:
Single $25,000
Family of up to 4: main applicant and 3 dependants, excluding siblings $35,000
Family of up to 6: main applicant and 5 dependants, excluding siblings $50,000
Family of 7 or more: main applicant and at least 6 dependants, but excluding siblings $70,000
Sibling aged 18 to 25 $50,000
Sibling below the age of 18 $25,000
Due Diligence Fee:
Main Applicant $7,500
Dependant age 16 and over $4,000
Processing Fee $1,000 per application
Naturalization Fee $250 per person
Passport Fees:
Child under 16 years old $28
Adult $56
Expedited passport $1,200 per person
Courier service $100

Take a look at the cost difference in obtaining citizenship through different investment options for the most popular cases:

Real Estate Options Single Application Family of 4 people
(the main applicant, his wife and two children under the age of 16)
Amount of real estate investment $220,000 $220,000
Taxes and legal fees $9,250 $9,250
Government Fees $25,000 $35,000
Due Diligence Fee $7,500 $11,500
Processing Fee $1,000 $1,000
Naturalization Fee $250 $1,000
Passport Fees $56 $168
Courier service $100 $100
Initial investment $263,156 $278,018
Actual costs when selling real estate after 5 years at the same price. $43,156* $58,018*

* When calculating the example, the real estate returns was not deducted. During construction, this is a fixed percentage. After opening, the percentage will be based on the operational performance of the resort.

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Dominica citizenship requirements for applicants

To obtain Dominica citizenship is not difficult: there is no requirement to ever visit the island, undergo interviews or pass English exams. Applicants for citizenship must be prepared to provide all the necessary documents and information, pay the costs and at least meet four basic requirements:

Dominica citizenship requirements for applicants
  • The main investor on the application must be over 18 years old. The family application can include dependents of the main investor such as spouse, parents/grandparents, siblings up to 25 years old, children under the age of 30 and physically or mentally challenged children of any age.
  • Applicants for citizenship must be in reasonably good health.
  • Citizenship candidates should be of good character without a criminal record and they are expected to provide true information about themselves on the application. Applicants age 16 and over must also pass Due Diligence checks.
  • Applicants must be prepared to pay the amount of the investment, as well as confirm the legal source of the funds.

Best citizenship by investment programme

Dominica citizenship by investment programme: reliability


The government of Dominica reacts expeditiously in crisis situations. After Hurricane Maria in 2017, when the island was supposed to restore almost all of its infrastructure from scratch, the Citizenship by Investment Unit closed the physical office and began to accept all citizenship applications through an online portal.

During the global crisis of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit once again proved its reliability: the citizenship programme did not stop for a day, all work was transferred online instantly and applications continued to be processed.

Dominica citizenship by investment programme: world recognition

World recognition

Dominica remains the best option for obtaining citizenship by investment in the world. With a well regarded programme from 1993 to present, it combines low costs fees, minimum investment amounts with the speed of processing citizenship applications and proper due diligence.

  • In 2016, the Dominica citizenship by investment programme received an award in the category “Best Caribbean Citizenship Programme” at the Russian Global Citizen Awards.
  • In February 2017, Dominica ranked second among 12 citizenship and residency programmes in the Arton Index rating compiled by Arton Capital.
  • According to the Professional Wealth Management, a publication of the Financial Times, for the fourth consecutive year from 2017, the Dominica’s citizenship by investment programme ranked first in the CBI Index rating of investment Citizenship programmes.

How to apply for Dominica citizenship:

Contact Agent or Developer

Contact Agent or Developer



Submit subscription agreement and pay the 5% reservation fee & the 5% deposit

Submit subscription agreement and reservation fee/deposit


Within 60 days, submit all required documents & citizenship forms to the Government & pay Due Diligence and processing fees

Submit Documents and Forms for Citizenship by Investment

60 days

Dominica Coat of Arms

Await Government Decision




Deposit the investment balance into an escrow account and pay Government and Certificate of Naturalisation fees to the government account.

Deposit Investment


Certificate of Naturalization, Passport, Certificate of Ownership

Application is approved

Receive refund, less Non-Refundable contribution

Recieve Refund
Benefits for an investor in obtaining citizenship through Anichi Resort & Spa
See the world visa-free with a Second Citizenship from the Commonwealth of Dominica

Exit Strategy

Five years after becoming a Dominican citizen by purchasing real estate, citizens are allowed to sell their shares or suites to individuals also seeking citizenship from Dominica through its Citizenship by Investment Programme. Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd. will use its network to assist owners throughout this process.

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Dominica Fast Facts

Fast Facts

Official Language: English
Population: 72,293 (2011)
Capital: Roseau
Independence: 1978
Literacy Rate: 97.8%
Time Zone: (GMT -4)
Total Area: 751 km2 (290 sq mi)
Location: 15.4150° N, 61.3710° W
Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD)