Picard Beach, Dominica
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December 2023 Construction Update

22 December 2023 | Tags:

In Dominica, the construction of the prestigious Anichi Resort & Spa hotel continues, promising to become an exquisite work of art, embodying the harmony of luxury and natural beauty on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. This Autograph Collection project, owned by the global Marriott International, not only raises the bar of luxury, but also provides a unique opportunity to obtain Dominican citizenship through the country’s official citizenship programme.

Exceptional professionals are diligently working on the construction site, filling the air with anticipation for the upcoming magnificence. We are not just building a hotel – we are bringing dreams to life, striving for uniqueness, and ensuring the highest quality in every detail.

Key construction highlights over the last month:

  • Engineering Works: The focal point of attention has been the entrance buildings and buildings 1 and 2, where intensive mechanical, electrical, and plumbing works have been in progress.
  • Excavation Works: Excavation activities persist around buildings 6-10, expanding the project space and unveiling the potential of this unique location, leading to the discovery of new panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and mountain landscape.
  • Erection of Retaining Walls: This crucial construction phase not only imparts aesthetic and structural integrity to the complex, highlighting the grandeur of the project but also serves as an integral part of a reliable infrastructure.
  • Staircases leading to a food and beverage facility are being built. They are not merely functional steps but significant elements of the retaining walls, becoming the project’s signature and seamlessly blending unique design with practicality.
  • Concrete pouring for retaining wall near the entrance building is underway, serving not only to strengthen the infrastructure foundation but also to create pathways for passage, providing future guests with ease and comfort in movement.

December 2023 Construction Photo Gallery:


Join us in this captivating world, where we are not just constructing a hotel but scripting a new chapter in the history of luxury and elegance. By investing in Anichi Resort & Spa, you not only become a part of this magnificent project but also unlock the unique opportunity to obtain Dominican citizenship through the investment citizenship programme. Contact us now for more information.