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Real Estate Developer vs Real Estate Investor: What are the Responsibilities and Benefits?

27 June 2022 | Tags:
Real estate developer vs real estate investor: what are the responsibilities and benefits?

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Through Real Estate

The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme provides investors around the world with the opportunity to obtain the Dominica citizenship through real estate investments. One of the Dominica government-approved real estate projects is Anichi Resort & Spa. The resort is part of the Autograph Collection, a global collection of original independent hotels, and promises to be one of the island’s premier centres for relaxation and rejuvenation.

When investing in the project, future citizenship applicants are often interested in what responsibilities the investor will have and what will be carried out by the real estate developer.

Who is a real estate developer and what do they do?

A developer is a group of people or companies who acquire land and build real estate on it, coordinating all the related processes from the very beginning to the end. He conducts economic analysis, selects, and buys land, oversees the development, design, and marketing of a project, obtains government approval and funding, builds and commissions a project, manages real estate and distributes profits, and can also sell it in the future.

The creation of Anichi Resort & Spa and the organisation of all related processes is handled by Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd.:

  • Land was purchased along a secluded sand beach in the Northern part of Dominica with stunning views of the Prince Rupert Bay and lush curves of mountains.

  • The design was developed by the international architectural firm Arkiplan, known for original solutions and exceptional individuality of each project.

  • The facility is branded by and is being constructed in accordance with the Marriott International’s building standards and quality specifications. You can follow the progress of construction by subscribing to monthly updates.

  • The hotel will be managed by Highgate, a leading real estate and hospitality investment management firm known as an innovator in the industry.

Who is a real estate investor and how do they benefit?

A real estate investor is one who actively or passively invests in real estate in order to generate income from commissioned properties or through their resale.

Investors choose real estate under the citizenship by investment programme for several main reasons:

  • Obtaining the Dominica citizenship and all the benefits that it gives: freedom of movement to more than 130 countries and territories without a visa, relief of tax burdens and trade in the Caribbean market, and most importantly, gaining the safe haven in case of unforeseen crises.

  • By selling shares in 5 years, investors save capital from currency devaluation and significantly reduce the cost of obtaining citizenship. At the same time, the citizenship of Dominica remains with the investor for life and can be inherited.

  • Guaranteed annual returns is paid during the construction phase of Anichi Resort & Spa, and after its opening returns are calculated from the operation of the resort.

  • After obtaining citizenship, investors are not encumbered with additional costs in relation to the hotel and are freed from the worries of property management.

How to become a real estate investor under the citizenship by investment programme?

You can become a real estate investor by investing US$ 220,000 in preferred shares in Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd., the developer of the government-approved real estate project Anichi Resort & Spa under the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme. For detailed information about the project – contact us.