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Who can be Included in a Family Application for the Dominica citizenship?

6 September 2022 | Tags:
Who can be included in a family application for the Dominica citizenship?

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme: Family Application

New amendments to the legislation of Dominica on obtaining citizenship by investment will come into force on September 15, 2022. The Government has revised the conditions for the participation of relatives in one application and the cost of the government fees for additional family members.

Who can be included in the Dominica’s citizenship application
Qualified Dependants From which side is the relative Age Terms of inclusion
Spouse Main applicant Legally registered.
Minors children Main applicant or their spouse Below 18 years
Adult children 18 – 30 years
  • Must be attending a recognised institution of higher learning.
  • Substantially supported by any of the parents.
Unmarried daughter Below 25 years Living with and fully supported by any of the parents.
Physically or mentally challenged children 18 years and over Substantially supported by any of the parents.
Parents and grandparents Above 65 years Substantially supported by the main applicant or the spouse of the main applicant.


Major changes to the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme:

  • Siblings of the main applicant and his/her spouse can no longer be included in the family application.
  • Revised age for parents and grandparents: they must be above of 65 years.
  • Healthy adult children between the ages from 18 to 30 should not only be substantially supported by their parents, but also be required to study at a higher education institution.
  • An exception is made for unmarried daughters under the age of 25, provided that they live with and fully supported by one of the parents.

It was preserved no age limits for physically or mentally challenged children.

Government fees for real estate investment option
Single $25,000
Family of up to 4: main applicant and 3 dependants $35,000
Family of up to 6: main applicant and 5 dependants $50,000
For any additional qualified dependant $25,000

The procedure for determining government fees for a family of more than 6 people has been changed. The calculation takes the cost for a family of 6 and adds $25,000 for each additional dependent. Check out all the costs of obtaining Dominica citizenship by investment in real estate.

Always in time to secure your future

For 29 years of operation, the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme has continually updated the conditions for obtaining citizenship, requirements for applicants, the application procedure, the cost of government fees and much more. These changes reflect the robust nature of the programme and makes it clear why Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme has been ranked number 1 for six consecutive years according to Private Wealth Management (PWM), a publication of the Financial Times.

Life on planet earth has been greatly transformed since 2020. The coronavirus pandemic has been replaced by a growing confrontation between the main geopolitical players, affecting the life of every person in one way or another.

In the near future, political and economic instability and human rights violations may only gain momentum in various countries. While the situation in your region may not currently be volatile, take the opportunity to secure your future and your relatives.

Dominica is one of the rare islands of tranquillity and peace where people can live, study and do business without fear for the safety of their lives. To learn about Dominica citizenship and the benefits of investing in real estate, contact us now.