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Dominica Flag – Proudest National Symbol of the Commonwealth of Dominica

11 October 2021 | Tags:

Dominica’s Independence celebration begins at the start of October to November 4th every year. It starts with an opening event celebration and closes with a Community Day of Service. On October 11, 2021, the island will celebrate Flag Day or Jounen Dwapo, dedicated to one of the important national symbols of the state and its independence – the Dominica flag, which unites citizens in an effort to make their country a strong and prosperous power. On this day, Dominicans at home and abroad hang the flag for display, showing respect and pride in the country’s history, culture, and traditions.

The Dominica flag was first raised on November 3, 1978 when the state gained independence from  Great Britain. The original design of the flag was developed by artist and playwright Alwin Bully. Minor changes were made in 1981, 1988 and 1990.


In the very centre of the flag is depicted the national bird of Dominica – the Sisserou Parrot or the Imperial Amazon, which personifies flight to great heights and the fulfilment of aspirations. Also, the image of the parrot originally comes from the Dominica coat of arms, thereby symbolising the official seal of the country.

The ten green stars surrounding the parrot are a traditional symbol of hope and at the same time represent ten parishes of the country, equal in status to each other, which means the equality of the people of Dominica.

The central red circular emblem with stars and a parrot symbolizes the state’s commitment to social justice.

Beneath the emblem are three vertical and three horizontal stripes of yellow, black, and white, forming a three-colour cross representing the Trinity of God and demonstrating faith in God, as the Commonwealth of Dominica is based on principles that recognize the supremacy of God.

  • The yellow stripes represent the sunshine of the Dominica land and its main agricultural products (citrus and bananas), as well as symbolizing the first inhabitants of the island – the Kalinago and Arawak people.
  • The white stripes represent the purity of Dominica’s rivers and waterfalls, as well as the ambitions of its people.
  • The black stripes represent the island’s rich black soil on which agriculture is based, as well as it’s African heritage.

The dark green background of the Dominica flag symbolizes the lush green forest and the general wealth of the island.

The representation of the Dominica flag reflects the spirit of the people, their traditions and mentality. Dominica Flag Day gives citizens an opportunity not only to honour the culture and history of the country, but also to feel like part of a strong and sovereign state.

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