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Dominica Citizenship by Investment: Why Real Estate is a Better Investment?

20 September 2021 | Tags:
Dominica Citizenship by Investment: Why Real Estate is a Better Investment?

Anichi Resort & Spa

Considering the option of obtaining Dominica citizenship by investment in real estate? We will highlight five main reasons why the Dominica real estate option is an ideal investment opportunity.

1. Stability of the programme for 3 decades

The Dominica Citizenship Programme was launched in 1993 and with over 28 consistent years of operation, has won worldwide recognition by virtue of a fast and streamlined application process, due diligence of applicants for reliability, low costs, and minimal investment amounts per the value of the rights, freedoms and opportunities acquired when obtaining a second citizenship.

For five years in a row (2017 to 2021), experts from a publication of the Financial Times, Professional Wealth Management, have ranked Dominica as the leader among countries providing citizenship by investment.

2. Demand growing for citizenship by investment through real estate

The option of obtaining citizenship by investment through real estate was introduced in 2014 following a growing demand from investors and experts in immigration. In 2020, the Prime Minister of Dominica revealed the number of approved applications through the real estate investment option: from 204 applications for the fiscal 2017–2018 year to 443 in 2019–2020, which amounted to a 117% increase in demand over 3 years.

3. Currency depreciation protection

Cash depreciates quickly. Over the past 7 years, a huge currency devaluation has occurred in many countries of the world. Dominica’s currency is the East Caribbean Dollar (XCD). Since 1976, its exchange rate has been pegged to the US dollar at a ratio of 2.7 to 1, which has ensured that the finances of the Dominica citizens are kept from devaluation for 44 years.

By investing US$ 220,000 in preferred shares in Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd., – the developer of the government-approved real estate project Anichi Resort & Spa under the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme – you can sell these shares at the same price in 5 years, saving capital from currency devaluation and refunding the costs of obtaining citizenship.

4. Obtaining yearly returns and minimizing the cost of acquiring citizenship

Once citizenship is obtained, investors are not burdened with any additional costs in relation to the resort.

Yearly returns are paid during the construction phase of Anichi Resort & Spa and following of its opening dividends will be paid based on the operations of the resort. You can check the progress of construction and subscribe to monthly updates.

After 5 years, the real estate can be resold, thereby retaining the originally invested capital and significantly reducing the initial costs of obtaining citizenship.

5. Second citizenship benefits

After the sale of real estate, Dominica citizenship remains with the investor for life and can be inherited. In addition, the entire family can be included in the application for citizenship: spouse, children under 30, parents, grandparents, as well as siblings under 25. The main investor is allowed to add family members after obtaining citizenship.

Main benefits of Dominica citizenship:

  • Freedom of movement: You can travel without a visa to over 130 countries and territories.
  • Tax Benefits: Dominica is free of real estate, inheritance, capital gains, and global taxes. Personal income tax is not levied if income is not earned in Dominica.
  • Trade in the Caribbean Market: Dominicans are free to live and work in the 7 member states of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and trade duty-free with 15 members of the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM).
  • Safe Harbour: Dominica is known as a Nature Island and is one of the safest places in the world to live. The island’s residents are famous for their longevity.

To obtain Dominica citizenship, you do not need to visit the island, but you must provide and send the original documents according to the list required by the Dominica Government. Citizenship candidates undergo high-quality Due Diligence check for any criminal record and reliability. The whole process of obtaining citizenship takes 3-4 months.

Invest in a luxury real estate in Dominica

Developed by Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd., this resort is a member of the Autograph Collection Hotels, a premium brand of the Marriott International hotel chain. The hotel is located along the sandy 12-acre Picard Beach in Portsmouth with unforgettable views of the Caribbean Sea and the picturesque mountains of Dominica. For more information about Anichi Resort & Spa, kindly download the brochure.

To apply for Dominica Citizenship through investment in the prime real estate development, Anichi Resort & Spa, contact us today.