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Dominica is Getting Recognition from Celebrities and Reputable Travel Magazines

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Dominica’s tourism industry is experiencing an unprecedented rise. With mass holidays fully resuming in 2022, interest in the island has blossomed among celebrities and actors, and reputable travel publications are drawing the attention of readers to Dominica as one of the best places to visit in 2023.

Leonardo DiCaprio with Spider-Man to protect Dominica’s marine treasures

Leonardo Dicaprio and Tobias Maguire in Dominica

Leonardo Dicaprio and Tobias Maguire in Dominica

Popular American film actor and film producer, Leonardo DiCaprio is not only famous for his diverse acting roles in films such as Titanic and The Revenant, but is also a prominent environmentalist, donating millions to ocean and environmental charities around the world.

In December 2022, Leonardo DiCaprio visited Dominica as part of an “ocean conservationists’ expedition”. He was accompanied by Tobias Maguire, best known for starring in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, who shares a long-time friend’s love for the ocean and supports conservation projects.

Leonardo Dicaprio, Tobias Maguire, Enric Sala and local watersports operator, Nature Island Dive, off the coast of Dominica.

Leonardo Dicaprio, Tobias Maguire, Enric Sala and local watersports operator, Nature Island Dive, off the coast of Dominica.

Another member of this expedition, Spanish marine ecologist and biooceanologist Enric Sala, who devoted his life to restoring the ecology and productivity of the World Ocean, shares his impressions of the island.

Dominica is an island nation in the Caribbean known as ‘Nature Island.’ Most people think it’s because of its verdant tropical forest. But in the waters around Dominica there is another natural treasure: a resident population of sperm whales. They hunt for giant squid in the deep waters of the western side of the island, and also support a local ecotourism industry… Being in the presence of these gentle giants is nothing short of spiritual.

As the founder and leader of the National Geographic “Pristine Seas” project, he also noted that the team was warmly welcomed by the people of Dominica and provided an opportunity to gather all the necessary materials for a new documentary: “We look forward to returning soon to share our findings and documentary film, and to working with you to help steward your seas for the benefit of marine life and the people of Dominica.”

Issa Rae draws attention to the name of the island

On Thanksgiving 2022, getting off the cruise ship, American actress Issa Rae, known for the HBO comedy series Insecure, gets to know Dominica and its capital. On Instagram through Stories, she draws the attention of her followers to the frequent confusion between the two different states of Dominica and the Dominican Republic: “Some of y’all were like ‘Oh you are in Dominica…the Dominican Republic that’s where I’m at’. That’s not where I am at. You’re not where I’m at. I’m in Dominica. Dominica baby. You’re not where I’m at.”

Issa Ray admitted that she herself did not know the difference until she met her friend Sheila Ongwae in high school, whose origin relates to the English-speaking Island. Ray also noted that being in Dominica was a reason for her to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

Michael Douglas finds the place for the perfect family vacation

American actor and film producer Michael Douglas with his children, son Dylan and daughter Carys, escapes from the epicentre of social life to Dominica, where he spends several days in early 2022. On his Instagram, Douglas’s son shared photos from a secluded family vacation in nature, with himself against the backdrop of the picturesque bay of Cabrits and with his family at the Syndicate Falls.

Michael Douglas with his children, son Dylan and daughter Carys, at the Syndicate Falls, Dominica

Michael Douglas with his children, son Dylan and daughter Carys, at the Syndicate Falls, Dominica

Cherished photo shoot on the Dominica beach for an American magazine Sports Illustrated

A 40-year-old fitness leader, certified health coach, and yoga and Pilates instructor, Melissa Wood-Tepperberg has built a personal brand by helping people improve their health and get in better shape. For this purpose, the Melissa Wood Health platform was created, which gained wide popularity during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. A million people subscribed to her Instagram, and she herself was featured in publications such as Vogue, Forbes, Goop.

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg came to Dominica to fulfil her old dream: to appear on the pages of the American magazine Sports Illustrated as a swimsuit model. The photo session took place on one of the best sandy beaches on the island of Batibou Beach.


Melissa shared her impressions of the island on Instagram.

Still cannot get over of this day. It was one of the most unbelievable shoots of my life and I just need to stay in silence and pause it all, because when I look at all of these photos all I can think about is the younger version of myself, who didn’t believe in me, who wanted to give up so many times and just such deeper message to never give up anything that reveal so inclined to do.

Recognition of the beauty of the island from the prestigious publication Lonely Planet

For the first time, Dominica has been featured in Lonely Planet’s annual “Best in Travel” collection as the best destination to unwind in 2023. The publication’s staff, writers, bloggers, and publishing partners nominate destinations to a list, which is then narrowed down to 30 destinations by a panel of experts. The choice is made based on location, unique experiences and surprises, and a commitment to development, unity and diversity. According to Lonely Planet, “Sometimes you need a trip where you can unwind and reconnect with yourself, your partner, your family or just the world around you. These are destinations where you will relax and rebalance.”

Best Destination to Unwind in 2023

Dominica is the Best Destination to Unwind in 2023

Tom Hall, vice president of Lonely Planet noted the following:

Celebrated and recognized for its natural attractions, Dominica is often confused with the Dominican Republic, but we don’t expect that to happen for much longer. 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year to get out and explore. With much of the world firmly on the road to recovery, travellers are looking for different locations and experiences, and we know Dominica will not disappoint.

Forbes draws the attention of travellers to Dominica

Forbes magazine, one of the most respected and well-known financial and economic publications in the world, gave Dominica the first place in its list of “The Top Five Destinations To Put On Your Radar For 2023,” noting the recognition of the island’s merits by leading travel companies such as Lonely Planet.

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The people of Dominica are famous not only for their friendliness, but also for their longevity, and the country is recognized as one of the safest to travel, live and do business in the Caribbean.



The Caribbean island hides many treasures: from rhythmic musical and colourful carnival celebrations to exciting adventures in the tropical rainforest, to a boiling lake, sulphur springs and cool waterfalls, or up close in the underwater kingdom with whales and giant tortoises. Everyone will certainly find something captivating yet rejuvenating.

For anyone who wants to make this paradise island their second home, the opportunity is open to obtain Dominica citizenship through investment in real estate, approved by the government under the Citizenship by Investment programme. To learn about the benefits of Dominica citizenship and your real estate investment options, please contact us.