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26 September 2018

On September 18, 2017, history was made when the strongest hurricane to make landfall in the Caribbean affected the island of Dominica. When images of Hurricane Maria’s impact on the island emerged, many

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31 August 2018

Varma Steel, Trinidad and Tobago’s leading residential metal roofing manufacturer, has established a factory on the island of Dominica, offering a rage of sustainable roofing solutions. The company,

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27 August 2018

Dominica has been selected to be the home of the Caribbean’s first Agricultural Resilient Centre. Recognising the vulnerability of the agriculture sector in Caribbean states to climate related

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9 August 2018

Art is being used as a means of overcoming the trauma caused by Hurricane Maria, and strengthening the resilience effort in Dominica. The Waitukubuli Art Association, in its

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