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The World’s Best Place to Visit in 2021: Add Dominica to Your Bucket List!

2 December 2020 | Tags:


With the year coming to an end and taking stock of 2020, visualize and set fourth new travel plans for 2021, so that at the soonest, you can fly to and enjoy a great destination. National Geographic selected the world’s 25 best places to visit in 2021 from five categories: Adventure, Culture and History, Nature, Family, Sustainability.

Dominica ranked second on the prestigious list because of it’s volcanic sandy beaches, majestic mountains, cool waterfalls and rivers and the world’s second largest Boiling Lake. This Caribbean island proclaims a course of resilience to climate change.

National Geographic praised Dominica’s success in recovering from Hurricane Maria, which hit the island in 2017 and affected about 90% of its structures:

Post hurricane, nature rebounded, residents rebuilt, and the government resolved to make Dominica the world’s first climate-resilient nation. It requires not only hurricane-proof buildings but also a diverse economy, including a tourism sector that attracts more high-end spenders and an agricultural system that grows a variety of fruits and vegetables eaten locally. Adventure tourism plays a huge role in the climate resiliency push by creating jobs and an economic incentive to restore and protect Dominica’s greatest natural resource—its wild side.

According to the Dominica’s Government, the Citizenship by Investment Programme plays a huge role in the development of the island. Dominica’s Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, announced that 5,814 citizenship applications have been approved in the last three fiscal years (2017-2020) alone, raising $ 1.2 billion through the citizenship programme. As a result, Dominica has one of the fastest growing economies in the Caribbean.

The Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme has been running steadily for 27 years and has won international recognition as the world’s best second citizenship by investment programme. Freedom of movement around the world, the expansion of business opportunities, life in a safe and environmentally friendly country, a stable future for the entire family – attract investors from all over the world. Find out more about obtaining Dominican citizenship by making a valuable investment in Anichi Resort & Spa and in addition, insert Dominica into Your Bucket List of countries to visit in 2021.