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Best Citizenship by Investment Program through Real Estate for Your Family

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How do you select the best citizenship by investment program through real estate for your family? The main criteria for choosing are reduced to one task: to find an adequate cost for the necessary level of comfort and safety, which not only benefits the main investor, but also his entire family.

  • Safety and stability: In the 21st century, geopolitical conflicts do not subside, new sources of tension appear and the threats of conflict between countries are more real than ever. While world powers are thinking about spreading their influence, people want to protect themselves and their family from any instability. When choosing citizenship, it is worth paying attention to countries that are far from world conflicts and the interests of the main geopolitical players.

  • Favorable financial climate: When obtaining a second citizenship, new obligations often appear and it is important to pay attention to helping the investor, instead of acquiring undesirable burdens. Consider which countries offer the best conditions for optimizing taxes and opportunities for business.

  • Mobility: One has to cogitate whether the country’s citizenship will provide easy travel without the hassle of obtaining visa for family vacations, business travels, or simply moving to a country with a family-friendly climate.

  • Ecology: There is no happiness without health. The environment is one of the main guarantees of its conservation. Children and older people are most vulnerable to adverse environmental conditions. If you want to move to another country, it is important to pay attention to its ecology.

Which countries offer Citizenship by Investment through real estate option

In 2020, nine countries offer citizenship by investment through real estate with a set minimum investment amount and without the investor abandoning any other citizenship he has.

9 Countries Offer Citizenship by Investment through Real Estate Option

List of Countries, which Offer Citizenship by Investment through Real Estate Option in 2020.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program

This is Asia’s only citizenship program with real estate investment option. Although the investment price is not the lowest, in 2018, the government of Turkey lowered the price of the minimum investment in real estate and the program became popular. Real estate can be leased and resold after 3 years. Citizenship process takes 2 months for the whole family, there is no requirement to visit the country and everything can be processed remotely.

European Citizenship by Investment Programs

The prices to obtain citizenship in Europe is very high. Lowest minimum investment in real estate among European citizenship programs is in Montenegro. The country is a member of NATO and plans to become a member of the EU until 2025.

The opportunity to travel, study and work visa-free in the EU countries is very attractive and is available to citizens of Cyprus and Malta.

When applying for Cyprus citizenship, a valid Schengen visa is required. With the highest investment price in Europe, an application is considered faster than in Malta. Citizens of Cyprus can move to the UK and obtain citizenship after 6 years, zero tax when obtaining the status of non-domiciled citizens.

Citizens of Malta can travel visa-free to Canada and the United States. No taxes on income received outside Malta, on dividends, inheritance and wealth.

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs for the family

The Caribbean countries are far from the world’s hotbeds of tension, providing an environment for new business developments and focusing on the development of tourism and the conservation of nature in a pristine environment. The tropical climate and calm rhythm of life create ideal conditions for relaxation and investment in tourism real estate.

Traveling without problems to the main business centres of the world:

For citizens of Caribbean countries, the conditions for traveling around the world do not differ much: they can travel without a visa to the major international hubs.

The citizenship program conditions are important for the family:

All family members who are in the care of the main investor will be able to go through one application. Caribbean countries offer lifetime citizenship, with the exception of Antigua and Barbuda, where after 5 years you need to apply for renewal and the Government reserves the right to revoke citizenship. Apart from St. Lucia, investors can pass down citizenship to future generations. Antigua and Barbuda require a mandatory to visit the country within 5 years after investing while the other four citizenship programs in the Caribbean region do not ever require visiting the country of second citizenship. All documents can be processed remotely. There are no requirements for passing examinations in language or history.

Both Dominica and Saint Kitts and Nevis offer passport renewal every 10 years while the other Caribbean countries offer 5-year passports. Dominica has the most notably stable citizenship program which has never been suspended and has been working continuously since 1993.

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs for the Entire Family.

Caribbean CBI Programs for the Entire Family in 2020.

On July 9, 2020, the Dominica Government announced that Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme allows the inclusion of the entire family comprising of spouse, children, siblings, parents and grandparents in one application at the time of submission, and with the option to add more family members post acquisition of citizenship. Learn more.

Citizenship programs with the most attractive prices

In countries of the Caribbean region, citizenship prices are much more attractive, and the programs have been working successfully for more than 20 years. The Dominica citizenship program, in particular, has a robust due diligence of applicants and a streamlined registration process.

In addition to the investment amount, the applicant will need to pay a number of non-refundable government fees, due diligence fees, certificate of naturalisation and passport fees.

The table illustrates the final costs of obtaining citizenship through investments for the whole family, exclusive of the courier services fees and agent services fees.

Costs to Obtain Caribbean Citizenship through Real Estate Option for the Entire Family

Costs to Obtain Caribbean Citizenship through Real Estate Option for the Entire Family in 2020.

The best Citizenship by Investment Program

Dominica remains the best option for obtaining citizenship by investment in the world, combining low costs fees, minimum investment amounts with the speed of processing citizenship applications, proper Due Diligence and a stable program from 1993 to present.

In addition, the Dominica citizenship program has gained international recognition.

  • In 2016, the Dominica citizenship by investment program received an award in the category “Best Caribbean Citizenship Program” at the Russian Global Citizen Awards.

  • According to the Professional Wealth Management, a publication of the Financial Times, for three consecutive years, from 2017 to 2019, the Dominica’s citizenship by investment program ranks first in the CBI Index rating of investment citizenship programs.

In 2014, the Dominica government added the option of obtaining citizenship by investing through real estate. By carefully selecting projects for investors, so far only seven hotels were approved: three of them are already in operation while the others are under construction. None of these project developments have been suspended or paused. This approach of the Government of Dominica to the organization of the citizenship program ensures the success of real estate projects and the development of the tourism industry which in turn is profitable to the developer and the investors.

The Dominican Citizenship by Investment program have been constantly recognised internationally as the best second citizenship program in the world. And standing as the most attractive jewel in the crown is the Anichi Resort & Spa, an Autograph Collection Hotel development through which an investor may obtain Dominica Citizenship.

Best Citizenship by Investment Program: Dominica

Picard, Dominica

Ratings of popular travel publications CNN Travel, Condé Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure recommend Dominica as one of the best places in the world to visit in 2020, noting the beauty of the pristine nature and the important role of hotel projects such as Anichi Resort & Spa, an Autograph Collection Hotel, in attracting travellers to the island and the development of the tourism industry.

For 2020, Dominica offers the best conditions for obtaining citizenship by investment through the real estate option. Take care of your future and your loved ones: get citizenship through investment in Anichi Resort & Spa for the entire family.