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Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, and members of Cabinet tour Anichi Resort & Spa

26 October 2020 | Tags:

On October 7, 2020, Dominica’s Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit and his Cabinet visited the construction site of the 5-Star luxury Anichi Resort & Spa, located on the shores of the sandy Picard Beach in Dominica. During the visit, the Prime Minister and other members of Government got acquainted with the progress of the project, examined the constructed buildings of the resort and the internal premises, in which the finishing work had already begun.


… We want to commend the developers with the progress thus far notwithstanding the challenges that they’ve faced with the hurricane in 2017 plus the Covid-19 in 2020, we are very pleased with the progress. We are waiting with great anticipation for the completing of the project where we can welcome the guests. But this is a major investment in the country and of cause particularly in the North of Dominica,” said Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica. “And the partnership between Anichi Resort & Spa and the Government have been very mutually beneficial. For us it is about the creation of jobs both in the construction and during operation of the hotel, bringing foreign exchange by tourists coming in and have a multiplier effect on the economy. So, there is a significant amount of money that has been spent during the construction phase as the developer highlighted; the amount of local contractors, subcontractors, and workers were engaged on the site. So, one can appreciate the circulation of money amongst the population here in Dominica.

In turn, Hon. Ian Douglas, Dominica’s Minister of Trade, Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Business and Export Development, praised the project and expressed confidence that in the future the hotel will be very popular among tourist and will make a great contribution to the development of the economy through the creation of jobs and the popularization of the island of Dominica: “With all that is happening, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, that has struck the world and has shut down the tourism industry, to see a project like that continuing amidst the challenges is absolutely remarkable.

Alick C. Lawrence, CEO of Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd. expressed appreciation to the Government of Dominica for the continued support of the Anichi Resort & Spa. He further noted that the Government’s fidelity in supporting and advocating for the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme provides the opportunity to build the project and support the economy of the island.


In 2017-2020, experts at the Financial Times’ Professional Wealth Management magazine ranked Dominica’s CBI Programme as the world’s best CBI Programme. It allows individuals an opportunity to get a second citizenship by investing in Anichi Resort & Spa for the entire family, including the main applicant, spouse, children, siblings, parents and grandparents.

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