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Obtaining Dominica Citizenship During Coronavirus (Covid-19) Crisis

8 April 2020 | Tags:
Obtaining Dominica Citizenship During Coronavirus (Covid-19) Crisis

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

In just three months, the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has destabilized the daily lives of everyone world-wide. Business, social engagements, lifestyle routines have all been impacted. In spite of this, the Dominica citizenship programme continues to function, making it easy to process applications. All citizenship applications are reviewed and accepted online. Our company, Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd., works remotely and provides all the necessary services required. We are pleased to share with you information on how Dominica prepared for the arrival of Covid-19 to ensure the safety of the population from the rapid spread of the coronavirus, and made provisions for uninterrupted operation during times of self-isolation and closure of borders between countries.

The coronavirus pandemic creates global strains

Coronavirus quickly captured the planet, where within just a few months it has spread to every country in the world.

  • In December 2019 the disease was first identified in Wuhan, China.
  • On January 24, 2020 the first case in Europe was confirmed by France.
  • On March 1, 2020 the Dominica Republic (do not confuse with Dominica) confirms the first case in the Caribbean.

Grenada, Dominica and Saint Kitts and Nevis were the last in the Caribbean and in the world among Citizenship by Investment (CBI) countries with real estate options to be impacted, announcing the first cases of coronavirus practically one after another. This misfortune affected everyone, changing their usual way of life.

Coronavirus spread in countries,
which provides citizenship by investment
through real estate option
Country First case of coronavirus Number of cases
as of April 4, 2020
Cyprus March 8 446
Malta March 13 227
Montenegro March 13 214
Antigua and Barbuda March 6 15
Saint Lucia March 13 14
Grenada March 21 12
Dominica March 21 14
Saint Kitts and Nevis March 24 10
Turkey March 10 27 069
Source: Johns Hopkins Univeristy

Coronavirus in Dominica

The Government of Dominica, following the start of the rapid spread of the virus has vigorously prepared for the arrival of this threat on island. Dominica is one of several countries in the Caribbean that is equipped with its own well-established coronavirus testing system. All tests for Covid-19 are carried out on site by a national laboratory and the results are available within 24 hours. The Government Quarantine Facility has been prepared for isolation and treatment of patients with coronavirus. Additional medical equipment, masks were ordered and medicines are sufficiently stocked for an estimated period based on assessments.

For months, public awareness was done via various media platform to inform the public on safe practices to avoid catching the virus. After the first case of coronavirus on the island, schools were closed with many utilizing online education. During the first week, public places were closed, including gyms, hairdressers, restaurants and churches. From March 27, 2020 the islands’ borders were closed to visitors with the exception the entry of vital items such as medicines, medical equipment and food. The general public was advised that those who can, should work from home. Only essential workers are permitted to go out to work at specified times which include: medical personnel, workers in stores, customs, police, etc.

Stable work of the Dominica citizenship programme

The Dominica citizenship programme, recognized as one of the best in the world, has been operating steadily since 1993. This is not the first time that the Government of Dominica has responded quickly in a crisis situation. After Hurricane Maria in 2017, when the island was supposed to restore almost all of its infrastructure from scratch, the Citizenship by Investment Unit closed the physical office and began to accept all citizenship applications through an online portal. In such difficult circumstances, the transition to a new type of work took literally several days.

During this global crisis of the coronavirus, the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit once again proved its reliability.

On March 18, 2020, even before the first case of a coronavirus in Dominica, registered citizenship agents received a letter from the head of the Citizenship by Investment Unit with the news that for the safety of all parties, it is preferable to work remotely. Therefore, all application documents can be downloaded by the CBIU through the online portal and communication with Due Diligence partners established via e-mail.

Since March 25, 2020, the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit has been fully working remotely. Applications for citizenship are considered and accepted after all the necessary documents are downloaded through the online portal. For the safety of employees and agents, the originals of documents do not need to be provided momentarily, but they will need to be sent later at the notice of the Citizenship Unit when the situation with the coronavirus stabilizes. All documents and forms where the validity has not expired at the time of uploading to the online portal, will be considered to be provided in a timely manner, even if their validity expires by the time the originals are received by the department.

It is time to apply for Dominica citizenship

Our company, Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd., in association with our associated law firm, Alick Lawrence Chambers are working remotely to ensure a smooth process of citizenship application. We are ready to provide all the necessary services for obtaining Dominica citizenship.

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