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Dominica: Opening Borders for Travel Post Covid-19

23 July 2020 | Tags:

The latest news on the Dominica coronavirus situation, when the state borders will be reopened, what quarantine protocols are applied for travellers and which countries have already opened its borders for Dominica citizens.

Dominica: Opening Borders for Travel Post Covid-19

Dominica: Opening Borders for Travel Post Covid-19

The best Caribbean country recovering from coronavirus

Numerous ratings have named Dominica as the safest country to live, work and travel within the Caribbean. For two decades, Dominica has won first place for the best diving, unspoiled nature and outdoor activities. The island is recommended as a leading destination to travel in 2020.

Dominica recorded the first case of coronavirus on March 21, 2020, one of the last among countries offering citizenship by investment through real estate. The state had time to study the experience of other countries in the fight against Covid-19 and prepare for its arrival. On May 17, 2020, the Prime Minister of Dominica announced that the country was coronavirus free and eased some of the restrictions.

At the end of May, Dominica welcomed 37 of its citizens, who had previously worked on a cruise ship. They were all tested for coronavirus. Two individuals who tested positive were treated and have recovered. The other 35, though tested negative, were quarantined for two weeks.

According to data on June 15, 2020, Dominica was recognized as the best in the Caribbean and among top 15 best recovering countries worldwide from Covid-19, based on a study by the German company IUNERA, specializing in the analysis of big data.

On July 1, 2020, during a Covid-19 press briefing, the Dominica Ministry of Health announced the lifting of the State of Emergency and curfew. The Government of Dominica has allowed the resumption of sporting activities with spectators, public and entertainment events, church services with a capacity not exceeding 250 people. Gyms, hairdressers and day care centres were also allowed to reopen. All residents of Dominica are encouraged to continue to maintain physical distance, adhere to strict hygienic practices and wear masks.

The situation with coronavirus as of July 11, 2020
Total active cases 0
Covid related deaths 0
Total recovered 18
Persons tested 851
From last case 94 days


When will Dominica open for travel

The Minister of Health, Dr. Irving McIntyre, notes that the risk of the onset of a second wave of coronavirus remains, therefore the lifting of restrictions will occur in stages, based on the epidemiological situation both domestically and around the world.

From July 15, 2020 Dominica has opened borders and airports for citizens and residents of Dominica, and will open from August 7, 2020 for foreigners. To enter the country, new quarantine rules were developed and introduced.

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Dominica travel protocols for safe entry into the island
Obligatory requirements for all arriving passengers
  • At least 24 hours before arrival in the island, submit a health questionnaire online.
  • Show the notification of clearance to travel.
  • Submit a negative PCR test result done from an accredited laboratory 24 to 72 hours prior to arrival in the Dominica.
General protocols and guidelines upon arrival Travellers are required to:

  • Wear face masks at all times during the arrival process up to and including departure from the airport.
  • Observe physical distancing guidelines.
  • Practice good respiratory and personal sanitization.
  • Follow all instructions of health care staff and officials.
Disembarkation and testing On arrival to the country, travellers will be required:

  • Sanitize hands at sanitization stations as directed.
  • Undergo a health assessment to include a temperature check.
  • Provide confirmation of the health questionnaire and negative PCR test results.
  • Undertake rapid test screening.

With negative test results:

  • Traveller will be conveyed to immigration for processing and to customs for screening.
  • Luggage to be sanitized upon arrival at airport when taken off the conveyor belt.

If results will show high temperature, high risk alert from the questionnaire or positive rapid test, travellers will be:

  • required to proceed to secondary screening area for PCR testing,
  • conveyed to mandatory quarantine at a Government approved facility or Government certified hotel at the traveller’s expense awaiting results.

If the test result is positive, the traveller may be quarantined until released by an authorized Health Professional.

Departure from Dominica Vehicles will only be permitted to enter the air and seaport with the driver and persons due to travel.

Travellers must:

  • Wear face masks at all times during the departure process until departure from airport.
  • Observe physical distancing.
  • Practice good respiratory and personal sanitization.
  • Follow instructions of health care staff and officials.

The Government of Dominica reserves the right to change these procedures as deemed necessary to ensure the safety of all travellers and Dominica residents.


Which countries are open to citizens of Dominica

Countries around the world carefully approach the process of opening borders. Each state makes its own decisions which relies on the current epidemiological situation in the countries that the traveller will visit in the near future.

Dominica citizens will be able to travel to other countries once their borders are opened. They will be required to comply with the new quarantine requirements that are now being introduced in almost all countries.

United Kingdom opened its borders to travellers on June 8, 2020. Dominica was added to the UK Travel Corridor List, which does not require a 14-day quarantine when arriving to the UK. Citizens of Dominica can visit and stay in United Kingdom for 6 months without a visa.

Dominica was listed in the preliminary draft with 54 countries initially considered by the European Union to restore entry into the region. However, on July 1, 2020, the European Union opened its borders only for 15 countries and Dominica has not yet been included. The list of permitted countries will be reviewed every two weeks.

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Visa-free countries with open borders
Country Border Opening Date For Dominica citizens
Antigua and Barbuda June 4, 2020 Visa-free
Saint Lucia June 4, 2020 Visa-free
United Kingdom June 8, 2020 Visa-free and quarantine free
Jamaica June 15, 2020 Visa-free
Aruba July 1, 2020 Visa-free
Dominican Republic July 1, 2020 Visa-free
Dubai, UAE July 7, 2020 E-visa
Bahamas July 7, 2020 Visa-free
Barbados July 12, 2020 Visa-free
Turks and Caicos Islands July 22, 2020 Visa-free


Obtaining Dominica citizenship

Throughout the start of 2020, every country’s stability has been tested. Globally, people are finding various ways to cope with these unprecedented times. Coronavirus has shown that Dominica is a stable and secure country where the state and its citizens cooperate quickly to overcome adversity.

During the pandemic, investors have increased interest in Dominica citizenship, which you can attain for the entire family in 3-4 months through investment in the luxury hotel development, Anichi Resort & Spa. The whole process is carried out online. Contact us now.