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Investing in Real Estate: How to Verify a CBI Approved Real Estate Project?

13 September 2021 | Tags:
Investing in Real Estate: How to Verify a CBI Approved Real Estate Project?

Dominica Citizenship & Real Estate

A key reason for investing in a real estate project approved under the citizenship by investment programme is that investors will earn continuous yearly returns for as long as they keep their investment and or have the ability to sell after a few years and retain the financial outlay. But for future citizenship applicants, it becomes necessary to verify the legality of the programme and the real existence of the approved project. Learn how to do it in two steps.

Step 1: Verify the authenticity of the citizenship by investment programme

The presence of legislation.

Obtaining Dominica citizenship by investment through real estate is regulated by Section 7 of the Constitution of Dominica, the Commonwealth of Dominica Citizenship Act with amendments, as well as the Commonwealth of Dominica Citizenship by Investment Regulations and amendments thereto.

The state body in charge of citizenship.

In Dominica, the Citizenship by Investment Programme is managed by the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) – a government authority, which is responsible for ensuring that the programme operates effectively. The CBIU publishes information on the conditions and costs to obtain Dominica citizenship, approves official Dominica citizenship agents through which you can apply, and real estate projects approved as part of the citizenship by investment programme.

Background checks on the citizenship applicants.

Countries offering legitimate citizenship programmes are interested in attracting trustworthy citizens, therefore they conduct a thorough screening of candidates, which take only a few days or weeks. According to experts of the publication to the Financial Times, Dominica is the leader in organising quality due diligence of citizenship applicants among countries offering citizenship by investment.

Stability and experience.

The Dominica Citizenship Programme has been operating steadily since 1993 and has successfully established its activities without ceasing even during the coronavirus. The number of approved applications for Dominica citizenship through real estate investments has grown by 117% over the past three years (from 2017 to 2020). Find out why real estate is the best investment option.

Step 2: Check the legality of the real estate project

Support of the Government.

To provide additional investor protection, the Government of Dominica carries out rigorous screening of development projects before they are accepted and included in the Citizenship by Investment real estate option.

The Anichi Resort & Spa project has been approved by the Government of Dominica. Regular reports on the progress of construction are submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers. The government regularly visits the construction site.


Ability to monitor the progress of construction.

A serious development project certainly must allow you to look at the progress of construction, which immediately reassures investors. For example, monthly reports from Anichi Resort & Spa make it clear that the Covid-19 pandemic did not have any negative impact on resort construction and continued at its usual pace. To follow the construction progress of Anichi Resort & Spa, subscribe to our updates.

Key partners.

When considering real estate projects, look at the entire team that works together to deliver the overall success.

Anichi Resort & Spa is led by world-class partners aiming to create a best-in-class resort:

  • Autograph Collection – the premium brand of the largest hotel chain Mariott International, bringing together upscale and luxury hotels, each unique and reflecting the soul of its region.
  • Arkiplan – an international architecture firm renowned for its innovation and exclusive design solutions.
  • Highgate – a leading real estate and hospitality investment management company, widely recognized as an innovator in the industry.
  • Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd – developer of the Anichi Resort & Spa project, the company’s flagship property.

You can meet the official representatives of Anichi Resort & Spa partners who were present at the official groundbreaking of the resort:


Time to act!

Dominica remains the last pristine piece of paradise, an escape from global anxiety and worries. To find out all the benefits of obtaining Dominica citizenship by investment in the real estate project Anichi Resort & Spa, please contact us today.